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Mozilla reflects has a strategy to adapt Firefox to the company

DA©bat – Aprè S the polé mic around the multiplication of the versions of Firefox, pé nalisante for the companies, Mozilla wants to reassure. Not d&amp question; rsquo; to give up the professional users ensures the foundation, which ré flé chit &worsen; solutions for better ré to lay with the needs for the companies.

The policy of Mozilla to shorten its cycles of dA©veloppement and to propose more quickly of the versions of Firefox, considA©rA©es like major, causes among the users, in particular in the professional world.

ConsA©quence of this stratA©gie, the exit of Firefox 5 put of Firefox 4. The launching of Firefox 6 should stop the support of Firefox 5 to him. With  Ca?? is in any case?? announces made by Asa Dotzler, one of the persons in charge of the Mozilla foundation.

Mozilla wants dA©samorcer polA©mic the

But, the multiplication of the versions is considA©rA©e as a major brake has  ?? adoption of Firefox in company. And dA©clarations, perA§ues like polA©mic, da?? Asa Dotzler, Na?? do not have contribuA© has  to alleviate the dA©bat. does #

This last estimate that?? company Na?? forever wouldn’t A©tA©, and have?? With? tre either has  ?? future, a prioritA© for Mozilla and its navigator. A position which makes in particular, of the W3C.

For him, the investments rA©alisA©s on?? adaptation of Firefox has  ?? company are not done has  loss, contradicting Asa Dotzler. For Daniel Glazman, means put in?? implA©mentation of the fonctionnalitA© Panorama would have A©tA© A©tA© thus better exploitA©s by producing a package MSI for A©quipes IT of the companies.

To reconcile innovation and needs for the companies

Several leaders of Mozilla are thus, in order to dA©samorcer the polA©mique one. For the viceone of the foundation, Jay Sullivan, the supply of settings has  is day of Firefox rA©guliA¨rement essential for questions of sA©curitA© and da?? innovation.

NA©anmoins, the honest users, in particular in company, do not have? tre dA©laissA©s. Jay Sullivan thus announces qua?? a discussion is open within the communautA© to explore solutions making it possible to reconcile cycles of dA©veloppement and needs for the companies.

DA©jA  Tuesday, the owner of Mozilla, Gary Kovacs, also wanted to be reassuring to him. ?? shouldn’t future of Firefox mean rupture between its diffA©rentes populations da?? users: private individuals and professionals.

has “We support the users of Firefox, which qua?? they are has” insists it. To reconcile rapiditA© dA©veloppements (a version every six weeks) and problA©matic of test and dA©ploiement in company its?? nA©anmoins announces complex. To guarantee, has minimum, the supply of corrective measures of sA©curitA© apparaA®t as one of the principal requirements has  to satisfy.


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PlayStation 4 paree for a launching in 2012

Technology – C’ is this qu' affirm an Asian source according to which the manufacture of the new console of Sony has é té confié E with the current manufacturers of the PS3.

AprA¨s launching programmA© of laA Wii U of Nintendo, the possible prA©sentation da?? has “has Xbox
720A has” has  ?? Will E3, 2012 see?? arrivA©e of PlayStation 4A?

Da?? aprA¨s the site da?? information asiatiqueA,
Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, the manufacturers of the PS3, would owe dA©buter
production of its remplaA§ante in end da?? annA©e with an objective of 20 million
da?? unitA©s. This PS4 would be dotA©e da?? a technology of recognition of
movements close to Microsoft.

Contrer Kinect

If Sony has confirmA© there is some
time that dA©veloppement of the PS4 dA©butA© had, the durA©e life the PS3 has A©tA©
fixA©e has  10 years. However this derniA¨re Na?? will have that 6 years in 2012. But Sony
will be able it to await whereas its two main competitors
prA©parent major advertisements for?? annA©e prochaineA? The next living room
Could E3 of June 2012 well has? tre a large trA¨s crua? ¦ (Eureka Press)

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Conflict Deezer-Universal Music: justice will slice on August 17

Legal – the recording company has dé posé a complaint in ré fé ré against the service of streaming which exploits its catalogue whereas l’ licensing agreement is null and void. Universal Music wants to force Deezer &worsen; ré duire its free offer.

Yesterday, lawyers of Deezer and da?? Universal Music had
appointment with the judge of the Court of Bankruptcy (TGI) in load of
complaint dA©posA©e by the major.

last May, Universal had seized the TGI for
to engage a procA©dure against Deezer for contrefaA§on, with the reason that the site
da?? Does A©coute of music in streaming continue da?? to exploit its catalogue whereas
?? licensing agreement has expirA© since the 1erA January. But on the bottom,
Universal voudraitA  With  to re-examine its modA¨le A©conomique while rA©duisant
its free offer.

Suivre the modA¨le of Spotify

Although the site franA§ais has dA©jA  ramenA©?? Free A©coute
With  5 hours per month, Universal estimates that is still unacceptable and takes
in example the systA¨me set up par. the competitor service suA©dois
of does Deezer have optA© for 5 A©coutes free D `my? me piece.

has “has We do not want
not to remove the free one but does the encadrerA have”, has argumentA©?? lawyer
da?? Universal whose remarks are rapportA©s by the Platform. With “Since three months,
the modA¨le of the streaming plaA®t any more does not have  Universal which calls it into question and which,
day at the following day, hustles the conditions D `accA ¨ S.A.  its catalogueA has”, has
rA©torquA©?? lawyer of Deezer.

the verdict will be returned the 17 aoA” T nearest. (Eureka Press)

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Hacking: l& 039; England wants a reinforcement of the international laws

SA©curitA© – For the British government, the battle against the cybercriminalité passes by the reinforcement of the framework lé gislatif world which must see the countries collaborating in order to be able to carry out the tracking against the pirates où qu’ they are.

the vague rA©cente cyberattaques perpA©trA©es by various
groups of hackers has rA©vA©lA© the vulnA©rabilitA© trA¨s large companies,
does banks (Sony, have? ¦), but also that of (the US SA©nat, CIAa? ¦)
and of great institutions (the IMF).

For the British autoritA©s, one is needed
reinforcement of the international lA©gislatif framework in order to be able to carry out hunting
with the cyberpirates my? me lorsqua?? they are apart from the country in which they
mA¨nent an attack. One speaks da?? a dA©finition communA©ment acceptA©e of the cybercrime, da?? a harmonization of the lA©gislations in the matiA¨re or of traitA©s
da?? extradition.

has Launching of Cyber Security
Protection Alliance

a exprimA© point of view of by James Brokenshire, minister
British for PrA©vention of the dA©linquance auprA¨s of the minister of
L `IntA©rieur which its?? expressed has  ?? occasion of the launching of Cyber Security
Protection Alliance (ICSPA). This organization has  nonlucrative goal aims has 
fA©dA©rer of the financings and?? appraise in order to contribute has  ?? A©laboration
da?? an international lA©gislation and the crA©ation da?? unitA©s of.

\#?? ICSPA will work with Europol and will rA©coltera financings auprA¨s
?? Does union europA©enne and of have? Tats-plain, Canada, Australia, England and
News-ZA©lande. (Eureka Press)

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