Hackers: LulzSec announces its dissolution, after new hackings

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SA©curitA© – the group of hackers LulzSec has annoncé qu’ it put an end &worsen; its activité S not without having lâ ché a derniè Re sé d&amp laughs; rsquo; information dé tourné be on the sites d’ AT& T, AOL, Disney or the bookshop in line of l’ NATO.

?? venture LulzSec will have durA© 50 days. Saturday, the group of hackers has annoncA© the end of its activitA©s. has “During the last 50 days, we have perturbA© and put has  day of the governments, the companies, often the population gA©nA©rale it-my? me, and trA¨s probably all the remainder, just because we could has it”, A©crit LulzSec in sound.

This group will have menA© many attacks in particular against, Nintendo but also, SA©nat amA©ricain and organizes it?? With? tat of?? Arizona.

LulzSec dA©masquA© by a rival group of hackers? With 

In own way da?? goodbye, LulzSec has tirA© a derniA¨re salvo by publishing a file bittorrent on The Pirate Bay oA? ?? Pa is found? the-my? of the donnA©es taken on waiters da?? AT&T, da?? AOL, Disney, Sony or Viacom.

Appears also the names da?? users and passwords of 12. 000 customers of the bookshop on line of?? NATO like 500. 000 accounts of the online game Battlefield Heroes.

Why LulzSec has it dA©cidA© to stop its action also quickly whereas the group rA©pA©tait has  length of tweets and messages on Pastebin qua?? it did not fear the continuations? Do several observers think that the group, which would count six members, has can-HAVe? tre A©tA© dA©masquA©.

According to Neowin, another group of hackers nommA© Have-TEAM affirms to have LulzSec and publiA© all information making it possible to identify them. (Eureka Press)


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