Citigroup: 2,7 million catch dollars; 360. 000 pirate accounts

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SA©curitA© – the bank has donné a chiffr&amp estimate; eacute; E of the hacking of its systè my data processing which saw the donné be of more than 360.000 clients’ accounts dé robé be by pirates.

Citigroup has finally communiquA© the amount of the prA©judice
undergone by its customers following  laA cyberattaqueA whose bank has A©tA© victim last May. On the 360A 069 accounts piratA©s, 3A 400 underwent losses for one
entire amount of 2,7 million dollars. The bank had dA©jA  annoncA© qua?? it
would cover all the losses of its customers.

SystA¨me of monitoring of the accounts exposA©s

Mid-June, to have A©tA© victim in May da?? an intrusion
on its systA¨mes data-processing during which the pirates arrived has 
accA©der with the banking donnA©es of 1% of its customers dA©tenteurs da?? a chart of
payment in AmA©rique of North. One spoke with the dA©part about 200A 000 accounts
customers dA©tournA©s but trA¨s quickly the bank re-examined this figure has  the rise by annonA§ant 360.069 accounts piratA©s.

a systA¨me of monitoring of the accounts
exposA © S.A.A©tA© installation and Citigroup has dA©jA  remplacA© 217.657 charts
banking. The 2,7 million dollars reprA©sentent less than 1% of the total of
charts piratA©es and 0,01% of?? together customers Citigroup dA©tenteurs of
does charts with have? Tats-plain. (Eureka Press)



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