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Opinion D `expert – Mutualisation and rduction of the cots militate in favour of the qualit while fighting against the wastings, according to the consultant of Devoteam. But amliorer the qualit of service supposes D `to have known to dfinir the good indicators.

ZDNet. Fr – You dfinissez the qualit data processing departments like a stake Cl for the DSI. In what is it more into 2009 that for the annes prcdentes?

Hamilton Chick (Devoteam) – the companies of fawn gnrale base sant financire to them on their inheritance of customers subscribing their services. In a context conomiquement stable, the primary goal for them is to look after the relation with the existing customers and D `to occupy the ground of competition, in particular by the capacit to renew itself.

With the crisis, the services which the companies dlivrent and the renewal of the offers is the axes privilgis to preserve to them attractivit screw–screw of the prospective customers and the existing clientle. However the qualit of the average services dpend of diffrents implemented to produce this qualit.

In these means naturally appears those provided by the systme D `information. The services make more and more correspond of the final technologies and customers. The qualit is thus directly perue by the users

But if the crisis imposes, like you it dtes, a greater concern of the qualit of service, it also often results in budgets more serrs. How to reconcile both?
C `is indeed one of the difficults. Because the qualit has a cot well, which can tre contradictory with the context him-Mrs. It is thus necessary certainly to draw the cots towards bottoms, but not without distinction. C `is a total dmarche in the company which owes tre organizes fawn transversal. And especially, it should not dtriment be made with qualit final service.

It should thus above all result in an approach of fight against the wastings. is one of the possible tracks, just like it.

L `amlioration of the qualit of service can tre reached while concentrating only on the critical services of the company?
That can have direction, would be this only because they are ncessairement the services more observs. But J `brings nanmoins a nuance this type D `approach. More and more in the companies, operation is done in mode time rel, with systmes D `information imbriqus, in particular with those of external partners.

It is much more complex dsormais to target some thus lments by report/ratio D `others. The dmarche in my opinion privilgier consists plutt “; prioriser”; critical processes. For a oprator, a process could tre D `activate a line. And these processes are supports by components of the systme D `information.

To work on the qualit of service, D `agreement, but by O dbuter?
Mrs. without a main effort of formalization, all the companies are informed tacitly of the essential services for them. They thus leave in all the cases D `existing, D `a knowledge, which owes tre thorough: which are the points on which to capitalize and those on which it is ncessaire to progress by report/ratio of the targets dfinies? Which projects owe tre implemented to await these targets?

It S `acts in fact of S `of directing towards a culture of service, with an important matter for the DSI: is qu `which misses to us to lay out D `a catalogue of the data processing departments publishable for the other mtiers?


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Generali places its Java applications under monitoring

tude of case – to ensure the supervision and the qualit of service D `a systme D `information the increasing complexit, the Generali insurer set up a dmarche directs user and of the tools for monitoring of the applicatifs.

With more than 13 billion D `euros figure D `businesses, Generali is a heavy lorry of the insurance. For his activit, the insurer S `is, like number D `undertaken, appuy more and more on data processing, putting provision of his salaris and brokers a growing number D `applications.

In 1999, Generali dploie its first waiters D `applications Java Intranet then J2EE Internet, WebSphere or JBoss. Aujourd `today, all the functions of management dveloppes are available on park J2EE in Intranet or Internet.

the cot of the non-qualit as dclenchor of the project

« We have dmarr with a fairly stable platform then. Architectures and technologies still taient rcentes. Many dveloppeurs dcouvraient them just. It is certain that we have essuy some pltres the poque one. As the supervision of this qu `one called club-footed black, it conceals labore &amp still little; #187; , remembers Jean-Franois Margalef, ingnior systmes at Generali.

As the systme D `information becomes more and more complex (interconnection D `htrognes applications) and S `opens a growing number D `users, the needs to lay out D `a vision D `to ensure the qualit of service together are done stronger.

« We have calculation the cot D `investigation D `an incident, of dfinition of measurements of skirting, valuer the dpense induced by the indisponibilit D `an application and to dploiement compare this cot total with the budget of dploiement D `a solution of supervision. That enabled us to sensitize and cause the engagement of the direction » explain Jean-Franois Margalef.

L `tool for supervision galement exploit in intgration

Of the means thus could tre allous with the project. At the end D `a call D `offers, with like principal critres of gnrer of relevant information and especially not to impact the processes applicatifs, Generali thus set up the CA solution.

the diagnosis D `incidental, more and more in time rel, is done dsormais on 180 hberges applications on more D `a hundred of waiters D `applications Java (JVM). Give are consolidate in instrument panels. Every week, of the indicators mtiers is publis making it possible to follow the qualit of service and thus of contrler the respect of engagements of the data-processing production.

« We currently work to remelt structures it of our platform for better tending towards a vision industrialize, standardize and intgre with the total systme of supervision D `undertaken and thus facilitating the accs with information for the public whole, and not only by the technicians of the production. People of the mtiers, the tudes and large persons in charge, will be able to thus follow the operation of the applicatifs » , prcise the ingnior systmes of Generali.

Of the indicators dfinis by the mtiers

But Introscope is galement exploit within two other frameworks. The supervision is indeed active in an operating process a priori. The personnel of the tudes and dveloppement can S `support on Introscope in environment D `intgration for auditer the excution of the applicatifs and amliorer the qualit of the livrs batches.

Lastly, the tool is sollicit in …

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