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Toshiba passes to Blu-ray

Technology – Promoter of competitor format HD-DVD quil has abandonment dbut 2008, Toshiba should finally market readers Blu-ray ds this Anne.

complete Reversal of situation for Toshiba which would have, according to the Japanese press, throw a range of readers Blu-ray D `here end of the Anne.

During long months, and with dtriment of the consumer, Toshiba has Sony affront in a war of the formats by dveloppant the HD-DVD vis-a-vis Blu-ray. And C `is finally this last which has it carrying when studios of cinma, whose Warner, are rows of sound ct.

As a fvrier 2008, and annonait. This scnario points out that of Sony in asses 80 with its format Betamax balay by the VHS.

the march of Blu-ray amorant a vritable dcollage since the end of the Anne dernire, Toshiba could be with difficulty allowed to boycott it. D `as much as the last figures publis for the march amricain confirm one. (Eureka Press)


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Kindle: Amazon erases lgalement several books tlchargs by its customers

Technology – Continuation a problme of right dautor, Amazon has T constrained deffacer several works tlchargs by customers on their book lectronic Kindle. Without prvenir them…

Irony of the history, they are in particular two works of George Orwell, 1984 and the farm of animals qu `Amazon has effac quite simply watered effect of Kindle of its customers. An operation that the owners of the book lectronic have remark in for works qu `they lgalement had lgalement acquired on the Amazon site.

In ralit, it would seem that the ditor MobileReference who distributed these titles N `did not possdait the rights of them. The systme D `Amazon indeed allows diteurs to directly propose books in tlchargement. But obviously no contrle pralable N `is effectu by the bookseller on line. A spokesperson D `Amazon recognized that the removal of the titles conceals « bad a ide and that the systme went tre modifi of manire this qu `such a operation is not any more ncessaire » .

No contrle palable of the diteurs by Amazon

a similar msaventure S `is produced with D `other books and in particular of the titles D `Harry Potter. This business is likely to sow the disorder in the users of Kindle who go on a commercial platform, pays for tlcharger contents in theory lgal but is finally the thank you of this kind D `error. With Cl, an authoritative contrle and not explicit on their Kindle.

Only solution to prmunir itself against this kind of mthode, to safeguard the works on its computer, L O Amazon will not be able to come to erase them! (Eureka Press)

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