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Bill Gates: " The Native Project will be tightened Windows"

Technologie – prsident of Microsoft has confirm that Redmond worked ladaptation on Windows of the technology of dtection of movements Natal dveloppe for Xbox 360. The premires applications could arrive dici one year.

you Imagine in front of the notch of your PC in the train of dplacer of the files, D `to open a document or D `to go to seek a piece of music to cost it without touching neither the keyboard, neither the mouse nor the notch, but by using your gestures simply! This rve or this dlire, all is question from point of view, would owe matrialiser in one year.

C `is this qu `has annonc Bill Gates at the time D `a discussion with our confrres amricains of One hundred. It has rvl that Microsoft currently works to relate to the technology of dtection of movements in 3D labore for. Baptize, it has T dvoile dbut June, and will be available in 2010.

One will camra 3D to collect the movements

the large diffrence of this systme compar that of Nintendo and of, C `is that it one needs more D `a joystick. C `is will camra it 3D which collects the movements of the player.

« I think that C `is gnial the house to move for contrler its films, his music, his Cinma Home. Idem with the office, connect Windows. C `is for that the quipes of R& D have much work. The goal is qu `term, one can use this technology in the whole of the environments of office » , explains Bill Gates.

Remains indeed to concrtement find uses concrtement useful face a PC, the gesticulation in front of a notch N `having of it is nothing D `ergonomic. (Eureka Press)


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Premires images dOffice 2010 and Office Web Apps

Gallery D `images: Premires images D `Office 2010 and Office Web Apps – ZDNet. Fr

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