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DHL Email dmatrialise the work contract of its intrims

tude of case – the 40.000 contracts dintrimaires signs each Anne in France by the spcialist of the mail are dsormais lectronic. DHL indeed has dmatrialis this process, of the order jusqu the signature.

Subsidiary of Deutsche Post, DHL Total Email gathers in France 400 salaris out of six production sites. Its two principal mtiers are the dition of relevs accounts, and the routing of parcel. For its activit, strongly mark by the saisonnalit, it undertaken devotes each Anne 6 million D `euros its dpenses D `intrim; a budget which makes the first station of dpenses of it.

At DHL, the management of the intrim is dlocalise. Thus the shutter budgtaire is administr with the sige. The production sites grent them as locally the contacts with the agencies of temporary work. Jusqu `in 2008, the contractual relation with the agencies rested on contracts paper. In all, 40.000 contracts are known as each Anne.

« The project has T rentabilis in less D `one year »

« Because of the constraint lgale, sometimes difficult to respect, D `a signature of the contracts under 48 hours, and the need to lay out in time rel D `a tat for the places of the dpense in interim, DHL has wish dmatrialiser the processes of management of the contracts. France has T retained like site controls » explain Emmanuel Baudry, person in charge of the project at Total DHL Email.

It undertaken dbute then a phase D `exprimentation of the platform Web. In April 2008, three sites are D `access concerns. They will be six in October. relate initially to the administrative lments of the process, knowledge the order of the contracts D `intrim. The follow-up of the dpenses will be types it following.

« In-house, the chief of site puts D `agreement with the chief D `workshop on the number D `intrimaires. An assistant, aprs a call tlphonic arranges it temporary work, will seize the order on Pixid, while prcisant give them relating to the intrimaires and hard contracts. A certain number of fields are prrenseigns in the application, as the agencies rfrences » dtaille Emmanuel Baudry.

« The dmatrialisation made it possible to clarify the contractual relation »

It agency turns over Total DHL then Email a contract lectronic. Menus of contrle allow S `to ensure of the accuracy of the relative informations in particular the reason, the coefficient of invoicing and the time rate. The vrification carries out, the opration is valid. For tre records, the order still owes tre (grce a registered certificate provided by Pixid) by the chief of site.

the whole of information D `historical is archiv grce the lectronique one of, intgre the Pixid platform. As for the certificates lectronic, they are renouvels each Anne. But the complexit of the project related above all to the implication of the agencies D `intrim and the change of the relation. To implement the dmatrialisation, the agencies were indeed they to also adopt Pixid for the management of the contracts with DHL.

the change in the practices of work N `finally does not have reprsent a brake the result of the project. For DHL, the bnfices are well with Re Total …

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