partial Chmage: untraceable agreement between Syntec and the trade unions

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Dbat – the ngociations are in the dead end. Between the volont of employers dtendre the partial chmage all the Syntec branch and the level D `compensation jug insufficient by the central trade-unions, the subjects of dsaccord are multiple.

Aprs several months of discussions between employers’ associations, Syntec and CICF, and the five trade-union fdrations (CFE/CGC, CFTC, CGT, CFDT, FO), the file of the partial chmage is always a subject of division. Aprs the dernire runion of June 17, the ngociations S `direct towards the signature D `procs-verbal of dsaccord on July 15.

Aors that employers wire-drawer of the urgency of the situation face a conomy shakes by the crisis, the trade unions fear D `to open the door of drives future. Syntec and the CICF indeed have matter, before withdrawing them, several provisions which N `do not have contribu to alleviate a climate impresses suspicion.

the partial chmage aubaine for concerned software firms their margins?

Robert Beraud, reprsentant of explains: « The dernires grindings of the project comprised unacceptable points. They related to the treatment of the intercontrats, the prt of hand D `work and the rmunration of the salaris during the priode of chmage partial. FO did not want to run the risk D `to open the door this type of practices and which want less and less to assume the risk of employment. That would risk prcariser more still the situation of the salaris » .

« According to the labor regulation, the partial chmage has a collective caractre. Syntec in its proposal used the term D `links work, which can tre a quipe project. However, such a quipe can done everything tre composes D `only one person. Such a clause would thus insert the salaris in intercontrat in the primtre D `application and would give an individual and either collective nature to the partial chmage » ragit Sabine Reynosa, secrtaire fdrale.

For the software firms into full priode with deceleration of their activit, the salaris reprsentent a cot of it. Temptation is thus large, grce with the recourse to the partial chmage, to defer on a third this load. An effect D `aubaine which could Mrs. tre accentu by the directives addresses with the DRTEFP (Direction rgionale of work, employment and professional training) by the State.

« The DRTEFP have reu rcemment directives to soften the rgles of recourse to the partial chmage. A company has T thus authorizes to place at the chmage partial a quipe of five people returning of mission and thus entering in intercontrat. The crisis is well L. There are truths case D `undertaken keys. But there is of them also D `others whose fall D `activit N `is that passagre and who, for prserver their margin, use the salaris like variable D `adjustment » , tmoigne Robert Beraud.

L `compensation proposes by Syntec infrieure with the provisions lgales

N `is not the only point of dsaccord. The ngociations around the partial chmage have T open for some filires, of which that of. The intgre project thus an important shutter formation destiny to allow the salaris to reconvert itself on carrier sectors.


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