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Oracle moves back in the 4th quarter, but reassures nanmoins

Malgr a fall with the quatrime quarter of 7% its bnfice and 5% of its figure D `businesses, Oracle has rassur the investors, making climb the title out of purse.
# Oracle has prsent the rsultats for its 4th closed quarter on May 31. The tendency is the fall, Mrs. if the ditor hte D `to charge this retreat the crisis. The figures are nanmoins suprieurs with waitings of the financial analysts.
# By report/ratio Mrs. priode of the Anne prcdente, the bnfices move back thus of 7% (1,9 billion dollar), and quantifies it D `businesses of 5%,6,9 billion dollars. Malgr confidence posts by the owner D `Oracle, Larry Ellison, the sales of new licences and the support is in strong fall of 13% (2,7 billion dollars), thus cutting down the future incomes by the ditor.
# But Oracle, if fusion concrtise with Sun, will have to also compose with sinister activits, like and D `infrastructures of storage. To maintain its rentabilit, and thus the favours of the investors, Oracle could thus tre tent of sparer of Sun, and in particular.


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With the srie Core I, Intel wants to clarify the nomenclature of its processors

Stratgie – the founder has annonc quil was going to return a simpler classification of his processors per order of power and to give up the rfrence of the platforms, like Centrino or Core 2 Duet.

Core 2 Duet, Core 2 Quad, Centrino, Pentium, Celeron, Atom,
as many names of processors and platforms with which one finishes by
to lose.

Conscious of the lack of lisibilit of its product ranges, Intel
announces to want to put D `order a little at it. Thus the founder has it annonc qu `it
returned a classification by order of power. In the middle of this device
destination of the general public, the family of processors Core I. Thus, moreover
of Core i7 dj on the march, Core i5 and i3 will arrive which will replace
term Core 2 Duet and Core 2 Quad.

According to this logic, Core i7 will be
more powerful than Core i5 and i3. Dbut April, Intel had dj prsent
new logos for better distinguishing the modles and a classification with

the simplification of the ranges comes complter this tendency. But
Intel counts when Mrs. to preserve names Celeron, Pentium and Atom, and
should make of Mrs., in the world of the waiters, with the Xeon names and
Itanium. (Eureka Press)

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