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the facial recognition could rvolutionner the interactive publicit

Technology – Lagence A\Star bases Singapore developed a software facial recognition which can distinguish the male faces and fminins. Intgr in an interactive billboard, this tool can be used for diffusing messages cibls.

Prsent with the living room CommunicAsia 2009, software developped at the point
by A\Star (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), uses an algorithm which can identify the face D `a man or
D `a woman. A facial systme of recognition innovator, but who ncessite
that the subject is well opposite will camra. He is rather not very probable qu `one it
find for example in cameras numric.

This software is intended
plutt the publicit. It can tre install in an interactive panel quip
D `one will camra. Ds qu `a person S `would approach some, the software reconnatrait
quickly S `it S `acts D `a man or D `a woman and would diffuse one then
publicit target.

For the moment, the software of facial recognition is
still in phase of test. It should leave the end the Anne.

It should be noted that A\Star
also work on a software of recognition of Ge. (Eureka Press)


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LG Electronics intgre the virtualisation in its flat notches

LG dbute in June the marketing of its notches SmartVine N-series intgrant a virtualizing technology allowing 11 users to divide Mrs. computer.
# manufacturer LG transforms his new notches LCD into the shape of customers lgers grce the intgration D `a virtualizing technology dveloppe par. Ainsi, keyboard and mice are directly connects the notch. This last is as him reli a computer.

Grce this systme, LG proposes to connect jusqu `, that is to say 11 distinct users accdant simultanment their work environment and sharing a computer’s resource.
# According to both socits, NComputing and LG, the cot D `such a solution (for 11 users) is of 3000 dollars. LG will dbutera the marketing of its notches SmartVine N-series in 19 inches this month for 199 dollars. They are known to function with computers under OS Windows and Linux.

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