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a RC2 for Firefox 3. 5

Put day – No relles nouveauts in this Release Candidate 2. A thing is sre, the final version approaches great steps.

Less D `one week aprs the setting on line of the RC1 of Firefox 3. 5, the Mozilla Foundation has just diffused the one second grinding of Release Candidate, a version which would owe tre the dernire.

This RC2 N `does not bring new functions but corrects ultimate bugs observs. In order to correct the last problmes, the release of the dfinitive version had T pushes back dbut June.

In addition to the native support of JSON (a format of give), of the beacons
< video&WP; and < audio&WP; and of the out-line applications, Firefox
3. 5 (Shiretoko code name) intgre in particular a mode of navigation deprives and a new engine
Javascript (TraceMonkey).

Two strong points

It intgre also a bar D `addresses “; intelligente”; who allows
to seek a bond only by seizing some letters, it
new manager of tlchargements or the anti-phishing tool

On the other hand, the look gnral N `then does not have too volu qu `one
an adaptation to the design of the systme D `exploitation (Vista promised,
XP, Mac, Linux).
# But both vritables strong points of
Firefox 3 are incontestably the rapidit D `posting of the pages, and
especially its low fuel consumption in watered effect lives.

in franais on ZDNet. france.


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Olivier Parcollet With the consolidation, consumption dnergie has T divides by four

Opinion D `expert – Stages of the virtualisation of waiters and the work station, impact of lenvironnement virtual on storage, the band-width and ladministration with the daily newspaper: larchitecte systmes and rseaux division its exprience.

Quand do you have commenc you intresser the virtualisation?
We are penchs on the virtualisation there is bientt seven years because D `a problme of prennit of our technical platform. This one, whose cycle of renewal is long, of the 10 15 years order, hbergeait critical applications functioning under Windows NT4.
# Our infrastructure conceals obsolte and it conceals impossible D `to us to plan to carry NT4 on waiters rcents. Rcrire the applications, when C `TAIT allowed, would have taken several months, even annes. The only alternate one thus conceals to find a solution enabling us to free itself from this problmatic matrielle.
# We have virtualis a premire application with VMware Workstation, in dpit of the recommendations of the ditor. We are thus not D `a not very powerful cluster NT4 a stable systme and which bnficiait directly of the power of processors of the new matrielle infrastructure.
# A few months later, we have dcid D `to apply Mrs. receipt, under VMware Server this time, all us waiters within the framework of their renewal. is
# Comment grs the diffrents virtual waiters of Setao?
Aprs the first project of virtualisation, we laid out D `about thirty VMware waiters, but without comprehensive view from what occurred on these machines. An application of total supervision conceals ncessaire.
# We have tudi Virtual Center then. But the cot appeared prohibitory to us since for only a few thousands D `euros moreover we could accder a version suprieure of the application of supervision: VMware ESX. C `is thus this solution which has T retained. The machines virtualises, 63 on the whole, have T import in ESX. The opration S `is made distance in one weekend.
# Of how much physical and virtual waiters is composed dsormais your infrastructure?
70 virtual waiters are currently in production. This total will pass bientt a hundred. As for the physical waiters, they are passs of 30 3. The infrastructure has T double for questions of continuit D `activit. In all, we thus count six rpartis out of two farms of three waiters.
# a farm is active, and the other is place in stand by with rplication on a site of help connect out of fiberoptic, and situ 19 kilomtres of our computer room.
# is the virtualisation concrtement source D `conomies?
the advantage is not done on the level of the cot D `acquisition, almost quivalent that D `a made architecture of physical waiters. A company should not think qu `it will gain there on the price D `purchase. Virtualisation N `is not an investment of short term.
# the vritable asset is at the level of the administration, grce in particular a provisionning of the waiters the request. Provsionner a waiter supplmentaire rclamait before between one and two days. Rcemment, J `have dploy two Linux waiters in approximately 15 minutes.
# is the performance altre by the installation of the virtualisation?
the systme is completely stable and almost indestructible in our configuration. Lorsqu `a physical waiter falls, the virtual machines are automatically semi …

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MySpace removes 500 employment in the

Stratgie – Crossing a bad master key, the subsidiary company of News Corp. goes rduire its bill wage of 30%, mainly in the United States. The site is in lose speed, devanc of dabonns number by Facebook.

Rvle by the Wall Street Journal, information has
T confirms by News Corporation, propritaire of MySpace. The site goes
indeed procder of the clear cuts in its manpower by removing 500
of its 1600 employment.

Owen Van Natta, the new director gnral name there is
two months, have justifi this choice by explaining why manpower of MySpace
« taient enfls and slowed down our capacit to become an effective socit
and nimble, working in quipe » . Mr. Van Natta arrives straight from
Facebook, the competitor which makes D `MySpace shade more and more.

With 200
million members, Facebook largely has dpass its year and its 130 million
D `users. According to the last figures livrs by the Nielsen institute,
frquentation of MySpace has baiss of 31% between April 2008 and April 2009 with
The United States. Cr in 2003, MySpace is considr like the pioneer of the social Web. (Eureka Press)

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Windows 7 without Internet Explorer: Mozilla awaits prcisions

Technology – For the chairman of the foundation Mozilla, John Lilly, it is too tt to know if the dcision of Microsoft will produce effects on the march navigators. Ditor N `has for the moment contribution any dtail on the withdrawal D `Internet Explorer of Windows 7.

Within the Mozilla foundation, one prfre, for the moment, rserver its opinion on the dcision of Microsoft to withdraw Internet Explorer 8 of Windows 7. In an internal email, the chairman, John Lilly, shows obviously hermtic the effect D `announces firm of Redmond.

« He is impossible D `valuer what this advertisement means as much as Microsoft dcrit not – compltement and in dtails – the whole of the advantages and brakes applicable to the OEM Windows. Without that, it N `is not possible to know if Microsoft does not give D `a hand to begin again of the other. And more still, it is impossible to say if that has an impact with-LED of the only change in the technical process D `installation of the manufacturers, and if that makes more complex for the users to migrate towards » dclare it.

Media Player to retir of Windows in 2004 without effects

Until-L, Microsoft S `is content D `one. If ditor N `will not intgrera Internet Explorer 8 (or only certain parts?) in the code of Windows qu `it will deliver to the manufacturers this T, it N `intends however not to give up making it install. In its dclaration, Microsoft speaks D `thus to assist the manufacturers in the prinstallation D `IE8 before the commercial distribution of the computers.

In 2004, Microsoft had dj T of Windows. This judgment by the Commission europenne had dbouch in Europe on marketing D `a dition spciale, NR, of Windows. , In particular because is sulky by the manufacturers of PC.

Brussels had lanc a enqute for vrifier that Microsoft N `did not have « returned intressant less commercially or functionally » Windows XP NR by report/ratio the version complte. The ditor estimated to have jou to him the play. The commercial argument however did not weigh in favour of the version without Media Player, which conceals sold to Mrs. price that the version comprising the software.

key manufacturers of the problme, before Microsoft

Gold while withdrawing, Microsoft announces a dition E of Windows 7 (Vista, always commercialis with IE N `is thus not concern). An E which thus points out the version NR of Windows XP. Moreover, taking into account the commercial links troits linking Microsoft and the manufacturers of PC, there will remain certainly complex for the diteurs of competitor navigators D `tre milked with quit.
# the prinstallation D `a software on the computers makes gnralement by a trade agreement with the manufacturers. Difficult for the diteurs, except can-tre Google and Apple, of ngocier of the contracts of several million dollars Microsoft face.
# a solution acceptable for the whole of the navigators would thus pass by a dcision of the Commission europenne. C `is D `elsewhere one of the tracks consider, which would result in the obligation for the manufacturers to propose, at the time of the premire connection Internet, to choose its navigator among a list of software.

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