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SAP adopts a stratgie hybrid SaaS: new step in arrire?

Stratgie – has loccasion of the living room OnDemand Europe, SAP has prsent its stratgie in the field of the hberges applications. Careful, lditor will propose modules SaaS complmentaires of his traditional applications.

Will go or will not go? Aprs several attempts and false dparts on the ground of the applications hberges, SAP always gives the impression to be questioned on the stratgie to adopt. Aprs a phase D `indcision concerning becoming it of its SaaS solution, Business ByDesign, the ditor coupled and annonait the passage version 2.
# Whereas the rumour D `a carryforward in 2010 was done increasingly insistent, SAP thus avanait the disponibilit of Business ByDesign V June 2, 2009. The ditor accompanies this launching by services Web complmentaires or plugins. The latter must allow complter the application and meet the needs spcific for the companies.
# Four modules SaaS its range Business Continuation in 2010
# This systme of setting provision D `application (C `is–to say base of plugins) has obviously to inspir the news stratgie of SAP in the field of the software ace has service. With the occasion D `a confrence Amsterdam, the ditor has dcid thus to be limited for SaaS of the modules complmentaires, available in form D `subscriptions.
# But complmentaires of what? Trs simply of its traditional applications (Business Continuation) dployes on the waiters installs among its customers. These modules (CRM, notes of expenses, management of the carbon missions and the purchases) will be commercialiss prices comptitifs, announces SAP, without saying some more. The first module, ddi with the purchases, would owe tre available during the 3rd quarter. The others will follow during 2010.
# SAP thus takes finally the dcision not to call into question its modle, low on the sale of licences and the services of maintenance, its two independent sources of incomes. The ditor S `TAIT montr these last months much more intress by. Thus in partnership with Nec, SAP proposes (waiters, OS, ERP,…).


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the waiters dsormais subjected a colabel

Environment – the label Energy Star allows dsormais dvaluer consumption in nergie waiters. The waiters blades however are not taken into account. The infrastructures of storage will have to them colabel in 2009.

L `arranges amricaine protection of the environment, the EPA, has just finalized the spcifications of the colabel Energy Star appliqu with the waiters. Jusqu `prsent Energy Star S `applied in data processing in particular to the PC, printers and scanners.
# This indicator thus allows the chief technical officers and persons in charge of center of give to judge the efficacit nergtic qu `they acquired. In addition to, Energy Star takes into account the fonctionnalits virtualisation intgres with the waiters. The virtualisation indeed makes it possible to concentrate on a physical machine several virtual waiters and thus of rduire the size of the park of waiters and lectric consumption.
# Limits for a waiter four-processors: 271 Watts
# For prtendre this label, the manufacturers thus must prsent, for a waiter four-processors, not dpasser 271 Watts. This threshold of tolrance is re-examined the rise according to the prsence of certain components, as for example D `an hard drive which allows D `to post 15 Watts moreover.
# the manufacturers owe toffer galement give them put provision of the customers with regard to the consumption of their waiters. For each product, it is to them ncessaire to publish the levels of consumption and performance according to three configurations: minimal, maximum and typical.
# However, the waiters blades, often points of the finger for their consumption D `nergie, is not taken into account by the new label Energy Star. A lapse of memory which S `explains by criticisms of the manufacturers the gard of mtric the dfinies by the EPA to measure the consumption of the inactive waiters.
# Worldwide consumption of the datacenters: 42 TWh
# the certification of blades N `is however not buries, but it should not be born before October 2010. The agency amricaine currently leans on the nergtic performance of the infrastructures of storage. The EPA owes dvoiler more dtails on the spcifications of new the colabel in the next weeks. Their finalization N `is not awaited before the end 2009.
# For 2008, IDC estimates 42 TWh (TeraWattheure) the worldwide consumption of the centers of give. In Europe, in 2007, it conceals of 16,3 TWh. given this Anne to the minister of the environment valuait lectric consumption binds to the TIC more than 55 TWh per annum.

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Vente binds: laudition of Microsoft before the Commission europenne cancels

Legal – the firm owed dfendre its case before the Commission europenne at the time dauditions dbut June. But labsence of several high members of lexcutif europen has pouss Microsoft to require a carryforward which has T refusal to him.

Tension between Microsoft and the Commission europenne.

hearing prvue of June 3 during which the socit owed prsenter its
dfense in the business of the sale
bind D `Internet Explorer and of Windows N `will not finally take place. Microsoft
demand its carryforward has, having report that Mrs. would be held dates Zurich
runion annual of international Rseau of competition O must go
« most influential national spcialists of the competition and of
Commission » , according to the terms of Dave Heiner, one of lawyers of
company. This dernire estimated that the absence of the principal interlocutors
commission europenne deprived it of sound « right D `tre heard » .
« Microsoft has demand to defer hearing but the Commission does not see any
reason to defer it » dclar a Commission spokesman has
europenne AFP.

In consquence, the request for carryforward has T rejete,
Commission considrant that Microsoft had to retir its requte. The procdure goes
thus to follow its course while basing itself on the rponses
that the firm of Redmond made with the objections of Brussels. (Eureka Press)

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For Bill Gates, the TIC can help the United States to leave the crisis

Stratgie – Sexprimant in front of a floor of large leaders, Bill Gates has estim that the rvolution of technologies of linformation and the communication nen TAIT qu its dbuts and qu `it should help the United States to leave the rcession.

Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Rupert Murdoch… some of the most powerful men of the plant taient runis at Microsoft for a confrence deprives during which Bill Gates has livr his point of view on the crisis.

« The opportunits D `innovation are stronger than ever » it has dclar, adding that the rvolution of the TIC made only dbuter. According to him, C `is grce with the dynamism of this sector which the United States will be able to leave the financial crisis and marchs to find a mine D `investments.

Egalement prsent this confrence, Steve Ballmer has prcis that the dpenses seeks some and dveloppement should not decrease and this malgr the economic situation. For this Anne, 9 billion dollars R&amp will devote; amp; D. « I do not know anybody in our industry which rduise its investments of R& D » , Steve Ballmer concluded. (Eureka Press)

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a bug dsactive SharePoint aprs 6 months

On its blog MSDN, Microsoft reconnat the existence D `a bug in SharePoint Server leading, at the end of 180 days, the expiry of the licence of the software.
# the bug occurs aprs the installation of Service Pack 2 of the application. Once the SP2 dploy, a date D `expiry is active in SharePoint. Thus, the software is considr like a version D `valuation valid 180 days to count of the installation of Service Pack.
# SharePoint Server 2007 N `is not however the only application of tre affects by this bug. On his blog, the ditor lists the whole of the software concerns. It S `thus acts galement D `Office SharePoint Server 2007, Project Server 2007, Form Server 2007, Search Server 2008 and Search Server 2008 Express train.
# Microsoft currently works the design D `a patch making it possible to correct the bug automatically. Is for the moment ncessaire to prvenir the dsactivation of the software for expiry. An exception remains however: Search Server 2008 Express train. For this dernire application, the companies will have to await the corrective measure.

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China: HP should point out 15.000 batteries for portables

Scurit – a Chinese governmental site ensures that HP procde the recall of 15.000 batteries of several of its ranges of sold portables at the end of 2007 and dbut 2008.

If it one believes of it information rvle by a Chinese governmental site, the manufacturer amricain owes procder with the recall of 15.000 batteries of portables suitable for overheat and cause a combustion instantaneous.

That occurs 10 days pains aprs the intervention Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) which has gr. the massive recall in the United States of 70.000 batteries lithium-ion. These dernires had T factories in China between aot 2007 and March 2008.

the ranges of portables concern are exactly Mrs. that those quote by the Chinese autorits: HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario and HP Compaq.

HP N `has for the moment not officially confirm this information. (Eureka Press)

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Clone of Mac: Psystar in bankruptcy

Technology – the socit bases in Florida S `is place under the protection of the law on the bankruptcies, freezing in fact the continuations engage against it by Apple. Psystar will have to deliver the name of its investors partners at the time of fixed laudience to June 5 by the legal agent.

End of part for Psystar, the clonor of Mac which dfiait Apple with several configurations turning under.

the firm bases in Florida S `is dclare in bankruptcy and S `is thus place under the protection of chapter 11 on the bankruptcy. What means that the procdure legal in progress initiates by Apple is suspended time that the legal agent examines the file. An audience is fixed at June 5.

on this occasion, Psystar will have to give the name of the investors who supported it and of which Apple souponne the prsence. The firm the apple had indeed amend its complaint in order to be able to continue D `ventuels partners cachs.

the sling D `a small company as Psystar N `could indeed have been done without a financial support of size estimates Apple. (Eureka Press)

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