the trade unions invite the salaris dHP-EDS to refuse the falls of wages

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Stratgie – the trade-union organizations dHP-EDS encourage the salaris franais to refuse the falls of wages of 5 2,5% requests by the direction. Assemble gnrales are organize on June 18 for prparer the mobilization.

The direction D `HP N `does not have renonc to require of the salaris to authorize a fall of wages. In France, the rductions of rmunration of 5 10% are applicable since May for the managers D `HP-EDS.

the others employs of the group should also receive soon a mail inviting them them to contribute to the plan of rduction of the cots dcid by the chairman. The fall of wages which it are to them demand to agree is of 5% for the executives and 2,5% for the not-frameworks.

On this subject, the trade-union organizations make common front and invite the whole of the salaris to say not measurement. Mrs. if this dernire is base on voluntariate, as the lgislation of work imposes it, the employs fear pressures of the direction. The number of redundancies in France N `indeed still does not have T annonc.

the salaris fear threats of dismissal

« Employs come to see read to express their fears D `tre points as unpleasant ducks by their management (if I say not, I risk D `tre in the cart! D `elsewhere my manager makes me insinuations, etc…) Everyone ragit not of Mrs. fawn this advertisement and feels more or less extremely to refuse. Read must thus communicate and reassure on D `ventuelles measurements of rtorsion » on the site HP of CFTC

« 3 months ago, one asked us to lower the wages for « supposedly » viter of the dismissals and to keep « muscle » for the recovery. Aujourd `today, whereas undertaken it continues to make D `important bnfices, one announces a new plan of massive dismissal on Europe and one continues to ask for falls of wages while asserting that N `has anything to see with the dismissals » can one read on.
# to inform and organize the mobilization of the salaris D `HP-EDS, the trade unions prvoient assemble gnrales on June 18, 11 hours Issy Moulineux, and 14 hours in Ulis. The schedules for the other sites will be communiqus ultrieurement.

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