In July, a researcher will dvoilera each day a fault of Twitter

June 25, 2009 at 7:31 pm Leave a comment

In order to sensitize the Net surfers the scurit site of microblogging, Aviv Raff, a researcher in scurit, will reveal each day in July of the faults of Twitter and the third services appealing API Twitter.
# This principle of responsible disclosure (C `is–to say aprs to have inform the diteurs) faults of scurit had of it T utilis for the premire time in 2006 with the month of the bugs. D `here a few weeks, in July, the researcher in scurit, will start to publish vulnrabilits in the API one of Twitter.
# These faults being able to allow to crer data-processing worms being propagated on Twitter, the expert will inform the parts relate to 24 hours before the disclosure on the site. Aviv Raff espre thus to encourage Twitter and the diteurs of third services to take more rigorously counts the questions of scurit of them.
# the researcher ensures to lay out dj of sufficient faults to hold the rate/rhythm of disclosure D `a vulnrabilit per day. These last months, Twitter has dj done the object of several attacks, in particular by the means of and it.

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the salaris dAltis are put in grve lusine of Corbeil-Essonnes Sun Microsystems would have abandonment its project of processor Rock

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