the diteurs of software want a revival by linnovation

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Opinion D `expert – Tax incentives, volution of Crdit D `impt Research, cration dun small business act leuropenne, exonration for the mcnat in favour of Free April, Afdel and Syntec Informatique put forward measures for the crisis and laprs-crisis.

26 billion D `euros the conomy franaise but not a penny for the sector the software. One conoit that the diteurs S `estimate tre the great lapses of memory of the revival program. Had but shot down; they thus began again counts the mthode to them which proved reliable in the systme conomic hexagonal D `others: to challenge the policies, and in particular the secrtariat numric conomy, so that of the intgration D `a shutter is dcid numric. If waitings of the sector of the software are varied and relate as well to indirect direct aids qu `(crdit D `impt in favour of SME on their purchases of software for example), there exists well a base common to the claims: to support the innovation.
# can the software contribute the revival? And this title, does owe tre rcipiendaire of spcific measurements? Yes, the reprsentatives organizations of the sector rpondent. « Any type of support in the field of the numrique one will contribute in hard the amlioration of the performance of the companies and thus the conomy. Btir a systme D `information aims above all accrotre this performance, and thus crer of the value, in particular by the innovation » insist Vincent de Poret, defect prsident made diteurs of – and galement director of the financires applications of.
# « The Thirty Glorious ones have T permitted by the technical progrs and the innovation, gnrateurs of profits of productivit. Numric conomy reprsente this to rservoir D `innovation. It is necessary to support dveloppement the numrique one so that public sectors as privs is better quips and gains in performance » exhorts the dlgu gnral of, Loc Rivire.

Crdit D `impt Recherche which does not relate only to R& D

is him also recipient of the dbat around the revival. « A revival program must allow, certainly to save the companies in difficults, but also D `to pre-empt the future and to support the innovation. The free software is a vector D `innovation for data processing grce two levers which are the mutualisation of knowledge and the free one of the licences, two big factors in times of crisis » argue the viceone of, Tangui Morlier.
# to support the innovation (in bond in particular with the dveloppement durable one) and the sector of the software, the diteurs dfendent several measurements, of which largissement of the plate of the CIR, it. This one relates almost exclusively to the R&amp part; amp; D. Afdel as Syntec Informatique would wish that the CIR include D `others dpenses, among which tests and the setting on the march of the applications.
# « The critre of R& D is rather restrictive and little adapt the activit of the diteurs. This dfinition does not take account for example of the insurance qualit, of the bearing of the applications on diffrentes platforms or marketing grce of the stratgie of Internet sales » prcise Franck Delorme, vice-prsident of Afdel and chairman of the ditor Sparus.
# In matire D `assistances di …


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