SAP launches version 7 of its offer Business Continuation for SME

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Technology – Base on the principle of L `intgration by module, version 7 of SAP Business Following intgr 2.800 services dentreprises which correspond to the spcific requests of the majority of the sectors dactivit.

a simpler, easier product to establish and use, but also more in phase with the needs spcific for each customer: such are the promises of SAP Business Continuation 7, according to L `German ditor which L `has prsente hier.

Fruit fifteen month old of rflexion to remelt compltement L `environment and the diffrents tools which compose it (CRM, ERP, SRM, SCM and PLM), Business Continuation 7 target small and medium-size companies.

SAP announces a rduction of the cots being able to go jusqu `50% on dploiement and 30% on the fonctionnement.

Business Continuation 7 rests on NetWeather technology and modules to add to the fur and measures customer requirements, via the systme Enhancement Packages dj introduces into its solution of business package intgr ERP 6. From thirty scnarios D `valuation, L `undertaken can choose the modules which it needs, and implement projects in less than 90 days D `aprs SAP.

All the modules intgrs within D `Mrs. interface

In a prsentation vido, Jim Hagemann Snabe, member of the excutif directory SAP, quotes for example launching D `a new product and the services which can return module PLM (Product Launch Management) of Business Continuation 7 in this case prcis.

« We want to propose an global offer, cohrente and intgre with Business Continuation 7 » , explains Jacques Libeyre, directing Solutions at SAP France. « The goal is to propose our customers a reasoning by process from beginning to end, in each applicatif field. C `is a platform which can tre amends with the fur and measures, with more capacits of personalization compared to the processes mtiers. »

to allow a fast adaptation to the needs for SME, SAP has intgr 2.800 services D `undertaken which correspond to the spcific requests of the majority of the sectors D `activit. Business Suite 7 comprises also 150 new functions, and all the modules are dsormais intgrs within D `Mrs. interfaces common in order to simplify their catch in main.

the volont of diversifier

to gain shares of march on applicatifs fields other than L `ERP and to largir the framework D `use of its offers, L `German ditor setting on L `argument cot: « The concept D `Enhancement Packages allows settings day the chart, via switchs by applicatives functions, for rduire the time the operating burnup (Total Cost off Ownership) and the cots of maintenance of the applications. » explain Jacques Libeyre.

This diversification, apart from the business packages intgre, should also allow SAP of crer growth relays and D `amliorer its commercial offer on applicatives niches.

L `another goal recherch is to exclusively change its image D `a ditor concentr on solutions ERP, which has made L `object D `most of its communication destination of its customers for two years as we L `has confirm Jacques Libeyre.

SAP counts 60…


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